Popular Audi models

Audi A3
The Audi A3 is a medium sized family vehicle which was first produced in 1996 and has grown to become one of the company’s most popular models. There are four variants in the A3 Range – the standard hatchback, the Sportback, the Cabriolet and the Saloon.

Audi-A3-4The hatchback and the Sportback both start from around £18,000 brand new, with range-topping models costing a little under £30,000. With the 1.6-litre diesel engine, the A3 delivers an impressive combined MPG of 74.3 while also qualifying for free road tax.

You’ll pay a little more on average for the A3 saloon, while the top-end cabriolet model is the most expensive in the range, costing in excess of £32,000.

Leasing will often prove a more viable financial option for those interested in a new A3.

Alternatively, you can make significant savings by looking at the used market. Used Audi A3 models tend to have high mileages on them, which drives down prices, but as Audi cars have such a strong reputation for reliability this needn’t be a deterrent.


Audi TT
A small sports car, the TT is one of Audi’s most instantly recognisable models. Its distinctive outer shape has become synonymous with the company name and logo.

There are two main versions available as new – the Audi TT coupe and the TT Roadster convertible. Additionally, there are high performance versions (TT RS Coupe and TT RS Roadster) and sportier versions (TTS Coupe and TTS Roadster) of each model. It is a class leader in terms of performance and interior quality, however practicality falls far short and the rear seats are almost unusable even for children.

ttThe cheapest you’ll pay for a new TT is around £25,000, while the top RS models cost in excess of £50,000. Fuel economy isn’t too bad for the standard model, but you’ll be lucky to get much more than 30mpg in either of the RS or TTS versions. Moreover, insurance can be pricey particularly for younger drivers.

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